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"A New Dimension of Freedom"

"Integrating the speed of aviation with the convenience of driving a car, the TF-X™ will revolutionize personal transportation for us all"

 The race to produce the first practical flying car has seen various companies produce some very interesting concepts, concepts that seem to be on the brink of moving from the drawing board and brought into reality as a working prototype.

 A prime example of this can be found in the TF-X- a VTOL (vertically take-off and landing) vehicle with retractable rotors that presents a very feasible option to a personal flying vehicle.

 Designed by privately funded aeronautics company Terrafugia. Designers wanted to design a practical and convenient vehicle that could realistically be integrated into public use in the near future. The TF-X can be driven on roads just like a regular car thanks to foldable rotors that, when retracted, make it fit in road lanes and parking spaces just fine.

  The vehicle comes with impressive performance specifications- cruising speed of 200mph (320km/h), electronic motor pods producing 1MW (1000KW) of power, and a 500mile (800Km) range. It is also set to be relatively simply to drive and priced in the high-end luxury car range.

 The only discrepancies seen so far are that the engine for on road driving is fossil fuel powered, and the vehicle requires an open area of 100 feet (30 meters) in diameter for take-off and landing. None the less this is probably one of the most impressive and realistic concepts to date.

 We are left with excitement for things to come.

Pictures: Terrafugia



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