SACS Lancia di Lancia Power Boat

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BridThe Lancia di Lancia power boat is a true Gran Turismo of the seas. Milan boat builders, SACS, have been building quality rigid inflatable vessels since 1989 and pride themselves in building boats with strong personality. The Lancia di Lancia's design was greatly influenced by luxury automotive styling, giving the boat a super car like aesthetic. The jet black paint, bright racing lines and plush leather interior give this boat an appearance similar to that of a track spec super car. The boat has an air of aristocratic elegance combined with aggressive stance and performance.

Under the beautiful bodywork lies the power and technology behind this vessel. The Lancia di Lancie is powered by two Fiat 560 HP Diesel engines which enable the boat to reach a top speed of 48 Knots (89 kmh). The boat has two births and is equipped with autopilot, iPod docks, GPS with touchscreens and a 32" LCD TV to name a few. This 13m power boat presents high speed performance to be had in the lap of luxury. 

Pictures: SCAS

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