Purple Naked Carbon Koenigsegg Regera

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Luxury car brands are always willing to grant customers’ requests when it comes to custom color combinations, which can result in both good and bad outcomes. Some who want an original color scheme seek out professionals to do the choosing for them, a safe option that ensures the car is decorated with taste. This is the case with a particular Koenigsegg Regera whose color scheme was done by Steven Wade who is the company’s copywriter, communication chief and blogger. Steve is a big fan of the late Prince and wanted to pay tribute to the music legend in the form of a Regera touched by purple rain…..

The final product was a Regera in purple exposed carbon fiber complimented with white brake pads and snow white leather interior. It is safe to say that Prince would be proud to have this 1479 hp, 1465 lb of torque producing and 250 mph reaching hypercar dedicated to him.

Pictures: R & T

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