Neo EP9 Worlds Fastest Electric Hypercar

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The Neo EP9 has taken the crown of the fastest electric car in the world with a lap record of 06:45.900 at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. The Neo EP9 has been designed and engineered to deliver hypercar performance- with a top speed of 313 KPH, 0 – 200 KPH in 7.1 seconds, and 1 Megawatt of power all while maintaining zero emissions.

The aerodynamics of this car leave nothing to be desired, with components that produce a downforce of 3.3 G under breaking and 2.53 G cornering, twice as strong as that of F1 cars. These sort of forces are typically only experienced by fighter pilots.

The Neo EP9 is powered by four electric inboard motor generating units (MGUs) that generate 6334 NM of torque at the wheels from 0 – 7500 RPM. The car is mostly made up of carbon fibre making it extremely light and ridged. Wearable technology integrates with the on-board interface which responds to the intensity of the driver, instinctively simplifying and clarifying information.

Pictures: NIO

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