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Japan have produced what is now dubbed the world's most luxurious mode of public transport- the train suite shiki-shima. This luxury locomotive was designed to provide the ultimate luxury travel experience. The train was designed by Ken Kiyoyuki, the famous automotive designer behind the Ferrari Enzo and Maserati Quattroporte, which has given it a physique like that of a super car.

The interior of the train is decked out with traditional Japanese materials such as wood, Japanese paper and lacquer. The interior of the train was designed using classic Japanese styling. The train has 17 rooms in total which means passenger volumes would never be very high and the train would never be crowded. JR East, the rail operators behind this luxury train, wanted to provide a "high-grade space".

This train is designed for maximum comfort and travelling pleasure. Passengers can enjoy the views of Japans countryside while seated in plush sofas, have a meal in the luxury dining cars, or a drink at the bar. The two glass observatory cars at the front and rear of the train offer a panoramic view of the Japanese landscape.

Pictures: JR East

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