Industry Solid Series Bike

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Portland design studio, Industry, has partnered with Ti Cycles to produce a new road bike- SOLID SERIES 02. The bike gets its name due to the fact that its frame is 3-D printed in titanium as one solid unit. It has a sleek and minimalistic look with all the wiring, shifters and brake cables housed out of sight inside the frame. It is also equipped with some impressive technology. An integrated Bluetooth module enables connectivity to your phone via the My Bike app. This app alerts you of the current state of the bike and when parts are in need of replacement. A second app, My City, is the digital ride guide that has several curated rides through the best parts of Portland city. The bikes handlebars have haptic feedback technology that guides you so you don’t have to look at your phone.  When you get close to a turn, the handlebars buzz to notify you. Gears are changed electronically, and all electrics are powered by peddling so no batteries required. This really is a slick whip.

Photos: Industry

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