Icon Land Rover Defender

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We all love classic cars. But some might wish that the classic car look could be had while also enjoying the performance that modern technology and engineering has to offer. ICON has responded to this demand by producing one of a kind, hand built classic cars that combine classic styling with modern performance. ICON'S Land Rover NAS 110 Reformer is a perfect example of this. Although factory produced Defender holds much love and respect among car enthusiasts, it is seen to leave much to be desired performance wise. ICON took this classic and replaced everything but the shell and frame, replacing the original engine with a 440 HP GM 6.3 fuel injected V8. All the running gear was replaced by newer and better components. Every detail of the truck, from door handles to grill, was improved. This one of a kind vehicle has kept its classic look, appearing almost stock unless closely observed, but has been worked to perfection. A car offering classic style with top of the line performance.

Photos: ICON

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