HUGEMOTO Mono Racer Motorbike

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In defiance to the current trend of over-the-top aesthetics for modern sports bike design, the HUGEMOTO Mono Racer was designed to be "clean and mean". The designers at HUGEMOTO intended to produce a bike with retro-modern design aesthetic that possessed all the latest technologies along with optimal frame/steering geometry and aerodynamics. This bike was deigned to race.

Not yet brought into reality, the design of the Mono Racer has been a virtual build. The bikes power plant is to be a Honda 1000cc in-line 4 cylinder. The bikes mainframe and swing-arm are to be single-piece mono-form carbon fiber construction- thus the name "Mono Racer". Although only a virtual concept, the bike has been deigned to be as real as possible and is intended to be brought to reality once fabrication research is complete.

Pictures: HUGEMOTO

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