BMW Next 100 Concept Car

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With an illustrious history of automobile production, BMW set their sights to the future with the unveiling of their new concept vehicle- the BMW Vision Next 100. This car offers the ultimate driving experience, tailor made to the individual driver. Sensory and digital intelligence, permanent service availability, and connectivity all come together in Companion, a service which learns from the driver to provide a tailor made driving experience.

The Next 100 will have two drive modes- Ease and Boost. Ease mode is for relaxation and safety. This fully-autonomous option hands over all driving duties to Companion. Boost mode, for those who want full control and performance, hands over  all control to the driver. Heads up display will help you drive like a pro while at the same time keeping you safe. Ideal driving lines and braking points along with highlighted potential hazards, are projected directly into your field of vision.

The 4D printed dynamic wheel arches move in sync with the wheels, enabling the car to have fully enclosed outer shell which results in optimal aerodynamics. This kinetic aspect of the car, along with intelligent air flow, will give it extremely precise and responsive handing. All aspects of this car, from its recyclable mono-materials to its energy conservation via aerodynamics climate regulative materials, are environmentally friendly. This concept, offering environmental friendliness along with performance and good looks, shines a bright light on the future of automobiles.

 Photos: BMW Next 100

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