Aston Martin Vulcan

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The latest from Aston Martin is a track-only super that looks to be by far their most intense creation to date. The Aston Martin Vulcan is an 800 bhp plus, carbon fiber beast that was designed and created in conjunction with their Motorsport partner- Aston Martin Racing. Every aspect of this car has been designed for the racetrack.

The entire chassis is made from carbon fiber giving the car an ultra lightweight and stiff structure. The engine is based around the mechanical architecture of the GT3 race car. Howerver, the V12 has been enlarged to 7.0 and has all new internals and is controlled by a Crosworth ECU. The engine is located behind the front axle for optimal weight distribution. The side exit exhaust are made of Inconel and titanium. Massive Brembo brakes with ceramic racing disks give the car excellent stopping power. The forged alloy wheels are equipped with center-lock allowing for quick wheel change track side.

Every component of the Vulcan, from the FIA-compliant roll cage to the aerodynamics package, is set up purely for racing. 

Pictures: Aston Martin

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