Aston Martin Valkyrie | $3million

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Unveiled for your viewing pleasure, a vehicle created in cumulative effort by Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing, is the Aston Martin Valkyrie. The partnership between the British luxury brand and champion F1 team was sure to produce a ground breaking hypercar, and it surly has. Due to the fact that the car has just been unveiled, not a great deal of technical data is available. But what we do know is that it will raise the bar in the hyper car class. The car has F1 and Le Mans engineering at its core and incorporates full length Venturi tunnels that run either side of the cockpit floor that feed high volumes of air beneath the car to feed the rear diffuser. These tunnels are the key to generating formula one levels of down force while still keeping the body of the car free of aerodynamic clutter that would spoil the beauty of its pure Aston Martin styling. Driver position is race style- reclined with feet up to optimize space and enable the lowest profile possible.

Designers wanted to strip things back to the bare essentials to expose and celebrate the engineering rather that conceal it. The entire design was made to be as minimalist as possible. The main construct of the car is an exposed anodized aluminium frame branded with the Aston Martin wings badge on the nose. The badge is chemical etched aluminium and is 70 microns thick, 30 per cent thinner than a human hair. The cabin has also been kept as simple as possible, with all controls on the steering wheel, two LCD screens to display technical data and settings, and another two screens that display the reverse cam footage. The cabin allows for a high level of side to side visibility like that of a formula one car and is surprisingly spacious. 

More specifications regarding power and speed are highly anticipated, and should be released soon.


Pictures & Video: Aston martin

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