AC Schnitzer ACL2

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An M badge on a BMW denotes speed and performance, the mark of a sports car. However, if the M has been replaced with an AC, you can bet your bottom dollar that the car has been taken to a whole other level- tuned to maximum performance. The initials AC are well known to BMW motorsport fans: the tuning company AC Schnitzer have been tuning beamers beyond the M-standard for close to 30 years now.

The ACL2, an M235i with tuned M4 technology, is a prime example of an AC creation. Unfortunately not for sale, the car was produced as a technology platform for AC Schnitzer development and in its current form would cost circa $197,000.
The car is powered by a modified M4 engine which produces 570hp at the wheels. This immense power, coupled with the “Less is more” lightweight design has given the car sitting at 2.59kg per hp, a power-to-weight ratio better than that of a Ferrari 458 Italia. Stopping power is equally impressive thanks to giant carbon ceramic brakes. The sports exhaust system boosts power and torque, and "Racing Evo Carbon" tailpipes provide a breath taking engine note.

A combination of fully adjustable sports suspension, support bearings, carbon strut braces, forged alloy wheels, and advanced aerodynamic kit mean the ACL2 handles like a track car. Interior matches the exterior with bi-color leather and carbon fiber. All the necessary gauges for track driving are on the dash displaying oil temperature, air intake temperature,and boost pressure. 

Pictures- AC Schnitzer

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