Nokia 3310 Mobile Phone

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You had better believe it. The iconic Nokia 3310 is back. To answer the most important question first up- yes the phone has snake. It is an updated version that is in full color. Now you can pick up from where you left off and beat that high score you always knew you could. Talk about second chances.The new Nokia has the same classic shape as its much loved predecessor, but with a more modern touch. You will have no more worries  about battery life with this phone. Its long lasting battery can stay charged for up to a month with the phone on standby. The new Nokia 3310 is made of a durable material that has the color running through it, so you wont have color wear off like with the old version. The phone comes with modern upgrades such as a 2 MP camera with LED flash, headphone jack, 2.4" curved polarized screen, 2G connectivity, FM radio and MP3 player, and 16 MB storage with MicroSD slot (up to 32 GB).

Pictures: Nokia

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