MyoWare Muscle Signal Power Harness

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The MyoWare Muscle Signal Power Harness is pretty much something straight out of Tony Stark's lab. It is a sensor that reads your muscle contractions and converts them into electrical signals, allowing a person to control electrical appendages- like a bionic blaster glove or Wolverine claws (wich creator Brian Kaminski has made instructional videos of how to make). But fun and games aside, the MyoWare opens up huge opportunities for people with prosthetic limbs.

MyoWare connects to your body with snap on electrodes. The harder you flex, the higher the Myoware output voltage will go, which is what allows one to control the electrical prosthetic they may be wearing. The MyoWare is available to buy in various kits, including the Bionic Blaster kit, just in case you want to build an Iron Man suit...I mean why not right.

Pictures: MyoWare Kickstarter

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