Microsoft’s Surface Laptop

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Bill gates vs Tim Cook? It sure seems that way with Microsoft's release of its new Surface laptop. The new Surface laptop was created to challenge Apple's premium-laptop dominance. It is lighter, thinner, faster and has a longer battery life then any MacBook on today's market. The Surface's keyboard is covered in a soft and durable Alcantara material that is specially treated to resist spills, stains, and absorption. This is This laptop is not just good looking, it is also strong and has been built with a compact aluminium shell and a Gorilla Glass 3 screen.

The new Surface has a 13.5in touchscreen and colored fabric-covered deck and weighs a measly 1.25 kg. The highest spec version of the Surface is the Intel Core i7 option that has Iris graphics, 512gb SSD memory, 16GB RAM. This laptop runs Windows 10 S which is optimized for security and performance. Microsoft's Surface Laptop is exceptional both visually and performance wise.

Pictures: Microsoft

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  1. May 31, 2017

    This laptop is definitely a really premium laptop. No argue about that. But for an education-focused laptop, this thing is way too expensive. I’m wondering how many students could afford this laptop. I think HP Probook x360 and Acer Travelmate B1 are so much better choice here. They run WIndows 10S as well and they only cost $299.

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