Kyon Pet Tracker Collar

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Keep track of your beloved four legged friends with the new smart pet tracking collar by Kyon. The collar syncs with your smart phone via the app, allowing you to locate your pet with its embedded gps technology. Thanks to an advanced sensor built into the Kyon tracker collar, you can tell if your pet is in danger, what it's mood is, and its body temperature. The collar has a "pacify" option that can be used to calm down noisy pets. A gentle ultrasound omitted by the collar pacifies restless pets. The collars "home alone mode" can be switched on so that whenever your pet starts barking, it will automatically by silenced by the Kyon's ultrasound. The pacifier feature can be used to prevent fights with other dogs. This omits a higher frequency sound to break up the squabble. The collar is charged on the Kyon Basestation and has a battery life of up to 30 days.

Photos: Kyon

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