Beer Bar & Bar X

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The mission statement says it all “Beer Bar is a love letter to the beer of the world. Our goal is to bring some of that world, and that love, to you all”. This Salt Lake City gem was started up by two beer aficionados, Richard Noel and Duncan Burrell, who wanted to open a bar that provided patrons the highest level of quality and attention to detail as possible.


Beer Bar is little brother and neighbor to Bar X, Rick and Dunc’s original establishment that is famous for its craft cocktails. Due to Bar X’s popularity, and a desire to start a beer focused venture, the pair decided to open Beer Bar.


Before starting up the bar, the two owners did a tour of northwest Oregon where they met with brewery owners and brewers promising them to do them proud if they would entrust them with the serving of their beers.

Besides Beer, the bar also serves quality eats made from ingredients sourced from the Utah’s best local suppliers. Bar X and Beer Bar now stand together as perfect neighbors, providing patrons both quality and variety.

Pictures: Beer Bar

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