Vonschloo L242 Speaker

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The Vonschloo L242 Speaker is more than just a Hi-Fi system, it is a sculptural work of art. The design of this speaker was inspired by the Folle, a traditional wooden funnel used for centuries for the Swiss Alpsegen festival. The clear and unique design language give this speaker an iconic look that is pleasing to the eyes at all angles. Their ornamental quality means they can be placed in any living environment without standing out as an obtrusive electronic gadget.

The L242 not only has a unique aesthetic but also materials. Each are hand crafted out of fiber cement, metal, wood, and textiles. The combination of rough and smooth materials are what makes these speakers unique and decorative, the rough fiber cement casing providing a warm and organic quality. Of course the external quality of this speaker is matched by its internal. The highest quality Koaxialtreiber (point source) makes for the highest quality and detailed sound.The experienced technicians that build it guarantee "an ultra-realistic and rousing musical experience".


The L242 are built in true Swiss style with all production done by hand, from the shaping of the case to the assembly. These units are not mass produced in a factory but are made by hand with the utmost of care. This means that each speakers shape will vary slightly meaning each is an individual object.


Pictures: Vonschloo

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