TriLens Camera Lens Holder

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The TriLens holder is basically like having double mags for your camera. This rotating holster fastens to your belt and has quick release mechanisms, giving you immediate access to your lenses. Capable of carrying your three favorite lenses, the TriLens makes it easy to quickly swap lenses in a matter of seconds. No more rummaging through your bag, only to miss that perfect shot you were after. The TriLens is equipped with an autobalace mechanism that keeps the center of gravity as low as possible no matter what lens combo you are carrying. It also has an auto friction mechanism that keeps it stable when walking or running by automatically adjusting
the force needed to rotate the housing. The TriLense is proudly Swedish and is made with the best quality steel and fiber reinforced nylon. Capable of withstanding up to 100 kg, this lens holder will keep your babies safe and sound.

Pictures: FriiDesignes

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