DxO One- Phone Camera Attachment

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Ever wish your smartphone could take better photos? High resolution images with depth of field? Now, thanks to the DxO One camera attachment, you can. This compact camera attachment plugs directly into your iPhone. Once it is connected, the phones display automatically switches to the cameras viewfinder, giving you full control in taking the shot and adjusting settings. 

This camera is about as compact as it gets, weighing in at only 108 grams and only 6.75 cm tall. The DxO, however, does not compromise quality for size. Its 20.2 megapixel sensor is the same as those used in other cameras that are 3 times its size.  So you can enjoy detailed and noise free photos even in low light conditions. The DxO also boasts a high-quality six-element aspherical lens with a six-blade it is diaphragm. With a focal length of 11.9 mm (32 mm full-frame equivalent), and max aperture of f/1.8, this lens gives the camera the ability to take photos with great depth of field.

You can edit and share photos instantly by transferring RAW files to your phone via the iOS app. These RAW-format images can be edited to perfection with applications such as Lightroom Mobile.

Photos: DxO

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