Beacon Multi-sensory Air Monitor Sleep Cube

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Beacon is a compact multi-sensory cube that will make you sleep like a baby by monitoring air quality and assisting you body's circadian rhythm. The beacon continually monitors your room's air quality so you can be aware and take action to improve it if need be. Notifications of problems in air quality/ temperature are displayed through the color of the Beacon Logo and can also be sent to your phone via the Beacon App. Beacon's LED light is designed to emulate various the natural light cycles of the day to match your bod'y circadian rhythm. This aides in the release of melatonin in the evening and in a natural wake up in the morning. Beacon also has a built in high-fidelity speakers and is loaded with a collection of nature sounds and ambient noises to create the perfect environment for falling asleep or waking. Beacon can also be used to listen to music, set alarms, and is Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectable.

Pictures: Beacon Kickstarter

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