Hasselblad Lunar Digital Camera

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The Swedes have done it again. Camera makers Hasselblad have drawn inspiration from their first models, released half a century ago, to create one of the most interesting and sought after cameras on the market. Voted No. 1 best retro camera by GQ, the Hasselblad Lunar digital camera has earned  its name due to the fact that Hasselblad was the brand that Armstrong and co. brought with them on the first ever voyage to the Moon. 

 The Lunar is a perfect combination of beautiful Italian design and Swedish ingenuity. Underneath its carbon fiber shell, this camera has all the all the makings of a top-of-the-line modern mirror-less digital camera. With its 24.3 MP CMOS sensor and BIONZ image processor, the Lunar is capable of 10 fps video shooting, full HD video recording, and ISO 16000. The cameras high resolution sensor combined with advanced processing capabilities endures sharp images that are free of noise and have accurate coloring. The Lunar is equipped with a 25-point-phase-detection auto-focus system, an OLED electronic viewfinder and OSS image stabilization, giving it great performance even in low light and shaky conditions.

Pictures: Hasselblad 

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