Short Sci-Fi Film “Bernie” | By Robert de la Torre

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This is really cool. Pretty dark, very brutal, and something that would make a great sci-fi full length movie. This short film, Bernie, has been created by comic book artist and filmmaker Robert de la Torre. It opens with scenes of a post apocalyptic world, earth made waste by war and nuclear fallout. Then we see Bernie, a bad-ass levitating cyborg who looks less than friendly. Bernie scans the horizon and spots what looks to be a prisoner attempting to loose his shackles. The cyborg fires a shot, misses, but undeterred continues after him. We then see the assassin robot is nonchalantly dragging the body of his last victim behind him.

Even from this short film we can see that this cyborg is a bit of a character. His mechanical face pulls various "expressions" denoting feelings of frustration and bewilderment at his missed shot.

Lets hope there's more where this came from.

Video: VIMEO (Robert de la Torre)

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