John Adam’s 1769 Wine Stash

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An extensive restorative project on New Jersey’s Liberty Hall Museum, with the aim of allowing visitors to walk through every era of American History, has led to the discovery of a very special stash of wine- wine meant for the celebration of John Adam’s presidency. The cases of Maderia wine are dated as 1796 and are believed by researchers to have been shipped over to celebrate the second president of the United States of America.

Researchers came to this conclusion due to the date of the wine along with the fact that Maderia wine was predominantly reserved for consumption by the elites of society of that time. Maderia wine was highly sought after by those of a high socioeconomic status due to the fact that it traveled so well, losing no flavor even after the long voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. A decanter was filled with some of the wine from this collection and was described by tasters as a sweet sherry.

A monetary value has not yet been placed on the casks, but it has been confirmed as the largest known collection of Maderia in the U.S. and the most expensive in the world. 

Picture: Architectural Digest

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