Blandnoch Single Malt Scotch Whisky

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Single malt scotch whisky, by Blandnoch Distillery, a product of 200 years of fine spirits production. The distillery has recently
released a trio of scotch whisky, all displaying the impeccable quality that is expected from the veteran distillery. The Samsara, a no-age single malt, is described to be full bodies and fragrant with a rich core and lingering tail. The Adela, a 15 year-old single malt, is matured in oloroso cask giving it a warm and sweet flavour. These spirits are produced with the utmost care to to ensure the highest quality. Each cask is hand selected by the Blandnoch's award winning Master Distiller, Ian Macmillan, to ensure the best quality and flavour.. Expect only the best from this classic Lowland Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

Photos: Blandnoch

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