Painting Prints by Vincent Van Gogh | $120+

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Usually ownership of a Van Gough is attainable only by the very wealthy. For example, the iconic painters "Vase with Fifteen Sunflowers" has a current market value of $82.74 million which is a little more than most would be willing to spend on a piece of art. But now, thanks to advances in printmaking technology, you can have a very convincing replica of a Vincent van Gough hanging on your living room wall for as little as $120. Limited to only 100 prints each, a collection of twelve works printed on archival-quality paper are available for purchase. The high quality paper means these prints have a life of more than 100 years if cared for properly. Images are printed with archival-quality Ultrachrome pigment-based K3 inks onto canvas and smooth or textured fine art paper. These prints are so good that they could almost be mistaken for an original.

Pictures: Fairfax

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