Frank Lloyd Wright Minnesota House

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The untouched Frank Lloyd Wright Minnesota House is on the market. This famous house in remains unmodified since its construction in the 60's and is now up for grabs for $1.395 million. This three by two house is situated on 3.77 acres in St Louis Park, just seven miles out of downtown Minneapolis. Not only is the house untouched as far as modifications go, it also has all the original fixtures and even furniture designed by the Frank Lloyd Wright. This house is designed in Usionia style, meaning "organic architecture" so that it would blend in with its natural surroundings. The houses dramatic angles and sharp lines are a display of classic Frank Lloyd Wright deign. The houses giant windows provide the house with natural lighting and let in the pristine surroundings. The price tag may seem a bit steep, but this is after all a Lloyd Write, a retro styled masterpiece.

Pictures: Landmark Photography

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